Brothers in Arms (Frères d'Armes)


Frères d'Armes is a tactical miniatures game. You can find more details (in French) about game, universe, extensions on : the Frères d'Armes website Designed for all centuries and all universes, Frères d'Armes provides generic game rules with whom you'll be able to fight elves as Romans.

Game Type Tactical battle with miniatures. Can be used as role playing game too! Accessories One dice (10, 20 or 30), about ten miniatures for each side and some coins. Miniatures scale 28mm Fenryll miniatures are especially useful due to size, base, armies and evolutive characters which will change during the game (RPG Fenryll range).

Visit the officiel website : Frères d'Armes website

Lists You can build your own list because this game includes a budget system! You will be able to convert all your miniatures with Frères d'Armes. There are more than 100 weapons and armors available. You will be able to fight using a dwarf beer mug, a trident or a katana. Original universe The original game is neutral due to generic game rules.

So you can use Frères d'Armes rules for all fantasy universes. In addition to the basic rules, we publish several extensions rich in legends. You can also use this game in our historical world just by removing magic. Extensions Frères d'Armes author is fund of history. That's why he makes his studies in history and he is graduated of a master in antic military history. Frères d'Armes extensions are built on real historical facts. They modify the basic rules for each century to give a realistic atmosphere and to support specific background.