Fenryll Animal Miniatures - From Forests to Villages, Woodland Fields to Southern Seas, and Arid Lands, Ideal for RPG and Wargame Enthusiasts

Explore a range of landscapes with the Fenryll collection of animal miniatures, representing creatures from forests, villages, woodland fields, southern seas, and arid lands. Specifically designed for RPG and wargame enthusiasts, these miniatures offer an immersive and varied experience.

Collection Features:

  1. Extensive Animal Variety: The collection presents a variety of animals, from forest dwellers to marine creatures of the southern seas, creating a rich palette for your gaming universe.

  2. Diverse Settings: From mysterious forests to picturesque villages, woodland fields to vast arid expanses, these miniatures adapt to a multitude of settings.

  3. Versatility of Use: Perfect for RPGs and wargames, these miniatures add a realistic and dynamic touch to all your adventures, whether they are terrestrial or maritime.

  4. 32 mm Scale: Tailored to the 32 mm scale, these miniatures seamlessly integrate with popular RPGs and wargames, offering precise details.

  5. Customization Opportunities: Unassembled and ready to be painted, these miniatures provide a blank canvas for customization, allowing you to add your unique touch.

  6. Interactive Assembly and Painting: Assembling and painting these miniatures becomes an interactive experience, allowing players to actively participate in the creation of their gaming universe.

  7. Quality Materials: Crafted with high-quality materials, these miniatures ensure durability and exceptional details, enhancing their visual appeal.

Immerse yourself in adventure with Fenryll Animal Miniatures, assembling and painting these creatures to bring your most imaginative scenarios to life, from lush forests to arid deserts and deep oceans.

Fenryll - Animals

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