Chaos Warriors Fenryll Figurines - Idéal pour les RPG et les passionnés de jeu de guerre, prêt à l'assemblage et à la peinture

Immerse yourself in the chaotic universe with the Chaos Warriors Fenryll figurine collection, specially designed for RPG and wargame players. All our figurines are to be assembled and painted, offering an immersive and customizable experience.

Caractéristiques de la collecte:

  1. La collection met en évidence la fureur du guerrier des Chaos Warriors, prête à faire face aux défis les plus redoutables de vos aventures.

  2. Poses dynamiques: The figurines boast dynamic poses, capturing the raw energy and power of the chaos warriors.

  3. Échelle de 32 mm: Suited for the 32mm scale, these figurines seamlessly integrate into the most popular RPG and wargame universes.

  4. Assemblage douanier : Unassembled figurines offer the opportunity for custom assembly, allowing players to create unique compositions.

  5. Peintures créatives: Ready to be painted, these figurines are a blank canvas for creative expression, allowing players to bring their artistic vision to life.

  6. Polyvalence: Whether for epic quests or tactical battles, these figurines add a wild and heroic dimension to your gaming universe.

  7. Matériaux de qualité: Manufactured with high-quality materials, these figurines ensure durability and meticulous details.

Explore the warrior's fury of the Chaos Warriors by assembling and painting these figurines, creating a formidable force ready to defend or conquer in your epic adventures.

Fenryll - Chaos


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