Sci-Fi Miniatures by Fenryll - Ideal for RPG Players and Wargamers, All Miniatures Ready to Assemble and Paint

Explore the futuristic universe with Fenryll's collection of sci-fi miniatures, specially designed for RPG enthusiasts and wargamers. All our miniatures are ready to be assembled and painted, offering an immersive and customizable experience.

Collection Features:

  1. Variety of Sci-Fi Miniatures: Discover a variety of miniatures representing futuristic characters, from space soldiers to extraterrestrials, providing a diverse range of options.

  2. Dynamic and Modern Poses: The miniatures showcase dynamic and modern poses, capturing the essence of science fiction and adding realism to your gaming universe.

  3. 32 mm Scale: Tailored to the 32 mm scale, these miniatures seamlessly integrate into the most popular RPG and wargame universes.

  4. Custom Assembly: Unassembled miniatures provide the opportunity for custom assembly, allowing players to create unique compositions.

  5. Creative Painting: Ready to be painted, these miniatures serve as a blank canvas for creative expression, enabling players to bring their artistic vision to life.

  6. Versatility of Use: Whether exploring alien worlds or engaging in intergalactic battles, these sci-fi miniatures add a futuristic dimension to your gaming experience.

  7. Quality Materials: Crafted with high-quality materials, these miniatures ensure durability and meticulous details.

Dive into the mysteries of space by assembling and painting these sci-fi miniatures. Whether you're a fan of RPGs or wargames, this collection provides an exciting opportunity to explore futuristic worlds and create your own interstellar narratives.

Fenryll - Science-Fiction


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