Good morning to all,
We are delighted to announce that in the coming months, we will be selling a selection of our painted pieces, including exhibition figurines from the Fenryll range. These unique and beautifully painted pieces will be available for purchase through our social networks as well as on the homepage of our website.
There will only be one model available from each so don’t waste time and contact us for more information.
Among the treasures we will offer you, are in good place our majestic dragons. These epic creatures, born from the fertile imagination of Fenryll’s early years, were carefully crafted and painted with meticulous attention to detail. Each dragon tells a story, capturing the very essence of mythology and magic.
Whether you are a passionate collector or a fantasy lover, these dragons will be real gems to add to your collection. Stay tuned for ads on our online platforms to not miss this unique opportunity to acquire an exceptional and unique piece of art.
We look forward to sharing these unique creations with you and seeing our dragons take flight to new horizons.
See you soon on our virtual pages,
The Fenryll Team

Just a quick farewell to some of my exhibition pieces from the Fenryll range, which found two happy owners in March. Thank you to those who acquired these pieces for their new homes!

Don't forget that most models from our range are now available for sale, painted upon request. For more information or to make an inquiry, feel free to contact us via email or through our social media channels.

Looking forward to reconnecting with you all around our shared passion.

Best regards, Thierry

Since 1991, Fenryll has been offering a wide range of resin miniatures for wargamers and roleplayers.