Civilians & Villagers

Fenryll Civilian and Village Miniatures - Ideal for RPGs and Wargames (32 mm Scale)

Explore scenes of everyday life with the Fenryll collection of Civilian and Village miniatures, specially designed for RPG and wargame players. All our miniatures are to be assembled and painted, providing an immersive and creative experience.

Collection Features:

  1. Variety of Characters: The collection offers a variety of villagers, from merchants to artisans, adding a wealth of details to your gaming universe.

  2. Pose Freedom to Imagine: The miniatures are designed with dynamic poses but also offer enough freedom for each player to customize them according to their scenario.

  3. 32 mm Scale: Perfectly tailored to the 32 mm scale, these miniatures are compatible with many popular RPGs and wargames.

  4. Custom Modeling and Painting: Unassembled miniatures leave room for your creativity. Model them according to your needs and paint them to bring your vision to life.

  5. Versatility of Use: Whether you're playing RPGs, epic battles, or simply collecting, these miniatures add a realistic dimension to your miniature world.

  6. Interactive Experience: Assembling and painting the miniatures becomes an interactive experience, allowing players to invest more in the creation of their gaming universe.

  7. Quality Materials: The miniatures are crafted with high-quality materials to ensure durability and exceptional details.

Immerse yourself in an interactive experience with the Fenryll collection of Civilian and Village miniatures. Assemble and paint these characters to create lively and captivating scenes in your gaming world.

Fenryll - Civilians & Villagers


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