Immerse yourself in the exotic with Fenryll’s collection of figurines from East, Asia and Africa, specially designed for role-playing and wargame enthusiasts. All our figures are to be mounted and painted, offering an immersive and customizable experience.

Collection Features:

    Variety of Figurines from East, Asia and Africa: Explore a variety of figurines, from samurai warriors to exotic merchants and African mystics.

    Elegant and Expressive Poses: The figures feature elegant and expressive poses, capturing the cultural diversity and richness of traditions.

    32 mm scale: Adapted to the 32 mm scale, these figures fit perfectly into the most popular role-playing and wargame worlds.

    Custom Stitching: Unassembled figures offer the possibility of custom stitching, allowing players to create unique compositions.

    Creative Painting: Ready to be painted, these figures are a white canvas for creative expression, allowing players to bring their artistic vision to life.

    Versatility of use: Whether you are discovering distant lands or participating in exotic battles, these figurines from East, Asia and Africa adapt to all adventures.

    Quality Materials: Made with high quality materials, these figurines are durable and detailed with care.

Explore the captivating world of East, Asia and Africa by assembling and painting these figurines. Whether for mystical quests or exotic battles, this collection offers a mesmerizing gaming experience in a world rich in cultures.

Fenryll - Orient / Asia / Africa

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