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General conditions of sale



Article 1: introduction


The present general conditions of sale apply in a exclusive way between FENRYLL

830 Street of Champigny

49400 Saumur

And every person visiting or making a purchase via the site (below "You"). Every Internet user can acquaint with general Conditions of sale on the site (below the "Site"). These general Conditions of sale which can be the object of modifications, the applicable conditions are the ones current on the Site in the date of signing of your command(order).


Article 2: contract


The commands(orders) can be crossed(spent) by way of mail, telephone, e-mail or by the web site. When the command(order) is crossed(spent) by mail, the customer has to sign the order form. The electronic commands(orders) crossed(spent) by Internet engage(start) the customer from the electronic sending. Any command(order) implies a membership(support) without reserve on the present conditions.


Article 3: price(prize), availability


The prices(prizes) posted(shown) on the Site are indicated in euro  except contribution to costs of port(bearing) and to the possible expenses of treatment of your command(order).

We can accept your commands(orders) within the limits of available stocks. In case You choose to settle(adjust) by check, your command(order) will be treated(handled) only in reception of this one and the applicable periods(delays) are the ones in the day of the reception of the check.

If, in spite of our attentiveness, articles are inalienable, We shall inform You about it by an appropriate means as soon as possible.

  1. In case of unavailability for the indicated periods(delays), We save ourselves the possibility of proposing You as a replacement an article of a quality and an equivalent price(prize). In that case, the expenses of returns consecutive to the possible exercise of the right(law) of retraction will be at our expense. In case We could not supply You an article of quality and equivalent price(prize) or if You do not wish this article of quality and equivalent price(prize), You can cancel your command(order).

  2. (2) In case of permanent unavailability, and if We cannot supply You an article of quality and equivalent price(prize), Your command(order) will be automatically cancelled. Products are delivered to the delivery address which you indicated during the process of command(order). In case of available articles in different dates considering their availability, the delivery deadline is based on the longest period(delay). FENRYLL saves himself however the possibility of splitting the deliveries. The contribution to costs of treatment and expedition(shipping) will be charged only for a single sending.

  3. We make a commitment to make our maximum to respect the stipulated delivery dates, which are not however contractual. Therefore, our responsibility would know how to be on no account looked for in the hypothesis of a delay.

  4. Our offers of products and prices(prizes) are valid within the limits of available stocks


Article 4: customs duties


Any command(order) crossed(spent) on the Site and delivered abroad can be subjected to possible taxes and to customs duties which are imposed when the parcel reaches its destination. These possible customs duties and these taxes bound(connected) to the delivery of an article are at your expense and recover from your responsibility. We are not anxious to verify and to inform You about customs duties and applicable taxes. To know them, We advise You to inquire with the proper authorities of your country.


Article 5: payment


You can make the regulation(payment) by payment card, Paypal or by check.

The banking payment by check is possible only for checks in pulled(fired) euro. In case of payment by check, the stake in the collection of the check is realized in the reception of the check.

The check must be established in the order of FENRYLL.

In case You would be late in the payment of the price(prize), We would be entitled to demand late-payment interest calculated on the basis of the legal rate current and applicable as from the day of the order to pay.


Article 6: returns


You arrange, within 7 true days as from the delivery of your command(order), a right(law) of return, exchange or refund(repayment) without penalties with the exception of the expenses of return, products which would not be convenient for you. Only the price(prize) of one or several bought and turned products will be paid off to you.

Any complaint concerning the delivery or the state of the goods must be recorded(deposited) in writing and sent within 3 days by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt as from delivery date, otherwise the complaint will not be accepted

We make a commitment to pay off you, or to exchange you products not corresponding to your command(order) (defective or not corresponding). In that case, we thank you for stating it in great detail on the order form and to send back to(to dismiss) us one or several concerned products. We shall proceed to the exchange or to the refund(repayment) of one or several products as the case may be or the modalities of your demand.

The expenses of sending and of return stay at your expense.


Article 7: property reserve


The delivered goods(properties) will live our property until their expedition(shipping) during the discount(delivery) to the carrier, when You released the price(prize) from it.

In a general way We remain an owner of products delivered as long as these last ones are not entirely paid by You. In case of non-payment We reserve the right to require(demand) their return. You are in that case indebted of the freight costs and You can exploit(assert) no cool or some damage because of the consequences of your failure


Article 8: guarantees and responsibilities


You benefit from capacities(measures) of the legal guarantee of the latent defects.

We decline any responsibility in the hypothesis where the delivered article would not respect the legislation of the country of destination.

We make a commitment to bring all the used care in the profession for the implemented(operated) of the service offered to the customer. Nevertheless, our responsibility cannot be held(retained) in case of neglect to our contractual obligations(bonds) because of a coincidence or of a case of absolute necessity.

Our responsibility will not be engaged(started) in case of delay due to a shortage of stock. Besides, in case of not substantial differences between the photos of presentation(display) of articles on our Site, texts and illustrations and commanded(ordered) articles, our responsibility will not be engaged(started).

We implement(operate) all the means which We have to assure(insure) the services(performances) objects of the present general conditions of sale. We are responsible for any direct and predictable damage at the time of the use of the Site or for the conclusion of the sale contract between Us and You. On no account We shall incur responsibility for losses of earnings, commercial losses, losses of data or loss of income or quite other indirect damage or which was not predictable at the time of the use of the Site or the conclusion of the sale contract between Us and You.


Article 9. Name specific information


We make a commitment not to reveal in thirds(third parties) the information which You communicate us. These are confidential. They will be used by our internal services only for the treatment of your command(order) and to strengthen and personalize the communication and the offer produces reserved for the customers of FENRYLL. As a consequence, according to the IT law and the liberties of January 6th, 1978, you have a right of access, rectification and opposition to the particulars concerning you. For it it is enough to make to us the on-line demand or by mail by indicating to us your names, first name, address and so possible your customer reference to our head office.


Article 10. Force majeure or event engraves(burns)


We let us not can be considered as person in charge to the buyer, nor considered as weakening in our contractual obligations(bonds) in the hypothesis of a force majeure or a grave event such as: the strikes, the fires, the natural or other disasters, without that this list is exhaustive


Article 12: applicable right and competent jurisdiction


All the disputes relative to the commercial relation existing between You and are subjected to Us in the not exclusive French skill(competence) of the jurisdictions.


Article 13: Intellectual property


Intellectual property All the elements of the site of FENRYLL are and remain the intellectual and exclusive property of FENRYLL Nobody is authorized to reproduce, to exploit(run), to rerun, or to use whatever title it is, even partially, elements of the site as they are software, visual or sound.

Any simple link or by hypertext is strictly forbidden without an agreement written specially(deliberately) by FENRYLL