Immerse yourself in the fantastical realm of these 32mm resin orc figurines from Fenryll, meticulously hand-sculpted and cast in high-quality resin. Each captivating detail of these iconic creatures is ready to be explored, adding an epic dimension to your collection of role-playing and wargaming miniatures.

The orcs, towering and untamed, embody the raw power and ferocity of their race. Sculpted muscles, expressive facial features, and intricate armor details reveal the craftsmanship behind each piece. These figurines, carefully designed, empower miniature gaming enthusiasts to breathe life into the fantasy universe in a truly unique way.

The high-quality resin casting ensures a faithful reproduction of details while providing an ideal surface for paint application. Each figurine is a DIY assembly, allowing for complete customization of the appearance of each orc. This feature makes it an engaging experience for modelers and miniature painters of all skill levels.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or an enthusiastic beginner, these 32mm orc figurines from Fenryll are a blank canvas ready to be transformed into an epic centerpiece. Unleash your creativity and dive into the fantasy adventure by assembling and painting these formidable representations of orcish might. An immersive experience awaits, where each brushstroke brings a new story to life on your gaming table.

Fenryll - Orcs

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