les aubergistes
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les aubergistes

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The innkeeper, waitress, le soulard


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The innkeeper: the central character of the establishment, embodies the kindness and charming incompetence that characterize the atmosphere of the inn. With his warm welcome, he tries to manage the most complex situations with a mixture of goodwill and inefficiency. Always overwhelmed by events, the innkeeper adds a dose of comedy and conviviality to each scene. His interactions with customers, his quirky lines and his relaxed attitude make him a memorable and unavoidable character in the world of role-playing.

Waitress: The waitress of the inn juggles the tumult of extravagant orders and wacky customers. With infinite patience and a sense of humor, she helps maintain a joyful atmosphere despite chaotic situations. His interactions with clients and his ability to keep his composure add a humorous dynamic to the establishment.

Le soulard: The auberge’s soulard, an avid drinker, adds an unpredictable and funny note. His exaggerated reactions and his love for debauchery enrich the atmosphere of the establishment with a dose of madness. As a regular customer, his antics and often wacky anecdotes can trigger laughter as well as unexpected situations. The soulard is a colorful character who actively participates in the animation of the inn.


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3 minis
Not painted
non peint
32 mm aux yeux

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